Professor and Alumni of FEP publish an article on the Journal “Frontiers in Psychology”

Luísa Mota Ribeiro, Professor of FEP-UCP and CEDH’s researcher, Inês Moreira, alumni of FEP-UCP, and Rosário Serrão Cunha, alumni of FEP-UCP and junior researcher at CEDH, published in co-authorship with Pedro Rosário, from Escola de Psicologia of Universidade do Minho, a scientific article titled “First-Year Law Students’ and Teacher’s Questioning in Class” in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”.
Ribeiro, L., Rosário, P., Moreira, I., & Cunha, R. S. (2019). First-Year Law Students’ and Teacher’s Questioning in Class. Frontiers in Psychology, 10: 611.
doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00611