Startup Competitions And Fun, Dynamic Lab Challenges Created By Potential Employers, Investors And Leading Brands

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Morpheus Cup

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Católica Porto Business School

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The Morpheus Cup invites students to participate in Startup competitions and fun, dynamic lab challenges created by potential employers, investors and leading brands. 


Students have the chance to receive funding for their ideas, win up to €25,000 worth of prizes, collect an excellent future for their CV, and represent their school's talents at an international level alongside leading European universities


Students are invited to take part in this championship through the choice of 2 challenges:

·  The MORPHEUS PRIZE: Students compete individually or by team. The candidate (or his/her team) chooses a category and sends us a 10 slide presentation before March 15th, 2018 to share an idea or a startup project in line with a category.

·  The MORPHEUS DAY: A live competition to be held for its 4th edition in Paris, at Palais Brongniart, on April 12th, 2018.  Students compete in teams composed of 2 or 3 people, take on challenges throughout the day, face with their European counterparts, and meet potential employers.


We are reaching out to teachers and staff as you surely know students who would be excellent candidates for the Morpheus Cup, who could use your support in learning about this event.


For more information, I invite you to visit the event website: 


How can we help you convey the information? 


We have several communication supports at our disposal to help you convey the information.  We would be pleased to send you all the necessary documents. Some of them are already available online: 


We can :

·  Send a poster/digital flyer.  It can be printed and posted on your school's walls or sent to your students. We can also send printed posters by mail (if you want to receive it, please rsvp to this email with your postal address).

·  Write and adapt an email to your student mailing list.

·  Write and adapt an article to your website or a platform that you use to communicate with you, students.

·  Send a digital informational brochure that can be sent to students. 

·  Send an informational video that you can send, present or post on your website.

·  Write information for your social networks and create pictures according to the websites you use (facebook, twitter, others)

·  Send you a banner to publish on your website (please let us know the format required) 


The Morpheus Cup is supported by the European Commission, Paris City Hall, Maison des Initiatives étudiantes, PEPITES France and other sponsors & media including Forbes France.